3D Modeling, Toy-making, Creativity-forming with Pipegram Tokyo

Pipegram began in October 2013, when Busyu Kogyo Corporation, a company with world-class technology for precision machining of pipes, began working with Ryu Kozeki, a designer involved in a wide range of activities centered on product design. Busyu Kogyo collaborated with Kozeki for the Tokyo Business Design Award, a competition held to promote collaboration between designers and small and medium manufacturing companies in Tokyo.

Through much trial and error, the image of Pipegram became clearer and clearer, and Kozeki and Busyu Kogyo’s idea gradually took shape. The concept of using pipes to get ordinary people involved in making things also happened to fit with one of Busyu Kogyo’s principles. The team’s work received much acclaim – in addition to being selected for the Grand Prize of the 2014 Tokyo Design Award, Pipegram won a Good Design Award for 2014.

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