Creativity at your fingertips.

Designed by Mr. Sheep (Yide Yang). Pazo is a design piece set, made to immerse the user in the design experience. The Pazo is designed to be an aesthetic center piece, a toy and functional object(s). Whether the Pazo becomes a cell phone stand, vase decor, fruit basket, teddy bear nightlight, nightstand or simply a geometric toy is limited only by the users imagination.

Make memories, build art!

Pazo is an award winning craft toy suitable for all ages. Inspired by Oriental craft skills, pazo combines art and science into educational toys. Practice and learn new design skills as you build!

100% Recyclable and 100% Safe!

Made of 100% recyclable  polypropylene and designed with 3D software, the concept of everything being built by small triangles comes to life. We have designed a creative and unique model that allows you to build almost everything with small circular puzzles. A vase, basket, or even skyscrapers– there are no limits with your imagination. Pazo is an educational toy and can be displayed as artistic decor for your home.

Creating a 3D puzzle is only the beginning. With Pazo, you have the ability to create a soccer ball, a slingshot, and even a working catapult! We specifically chose food-grade materials for our product, so you can safely store produce and groceries. Pazo is safe for every member of your household, including small children and pets.

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