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The parent company of Takata Lemnos Inc was founded in 1947 in Takaoka-city, Toyama Japan and launched into the full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. starting in 1966. In 1984, Takata Lemnos entered into the development for the Lemnos brand with its debut clock masterpiece “HOLA” designed by Kazuo Kawasaki. “Hola” has received awards throughout the world and is now part of the permanent collection in the Whitney Museum.

Since then Lemnos has worked in collaboration with world-class designers such as Riki Watanabe, Kazuo Kawasaki, Shin Azumi, Tomoko Azumi, Kanae Tsukamoto, Andrea Branzi. For this the Lemnos brand is now highly praised from the design, interior, home, and lifestyle stores all over the world.



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April 16, 1984